Yours Freidnship and Romance

Yours Friendship & Romance – WordPress web design and build

From wireframes to fully fledged live site, Yours Friendship & Romance was developed using the Lean UX workflow. After several superficial site redesigns, I looked at addressing the core needs of Bauer’s Non Traditional Revenue sites (Dating, Deals, Bingo). Each microsite had to be easy to update, test, adjust and improve – so informed decisions could be made to improve its performance.

Quantitative data (mostly from Google Analytics), is taken from each part of the site, so learnings can then be applied to other relevant NTR sites. WordPress multsite made it easy to set up parent themes for each brand and sector (Yours/Dating), with a child theme to house aesthetic variations.

Yours friendship and romance

The site was the first venture into Bootstrap 3, having used Bootstrap 2 for the earlier MOJO site.





Love Thy Wall – Ecommerce web design and build

Love Thy Wall specialise in vintage art deco prints, produced on high quality cotton art paper. Having eye catching product galleries was central for to showcase their collection of 20s/30s posters and prints. Magento was chosen as the ecommerce platform for its robust core and strong shipping options.


Developed using MAGENTO, PHP, PROTOTYPE & CSS.


It looks like you’re writing a letter – The return of Clippy

Hated in his day, time has healed some of the wounds caused by Clippy the animated paperclip, dancing in delight as you struggle to remove the bizarre spacing in your essay at the eleventh hour.

Built over the weekend by a team of developers, nostaglic for the gone but not forgotten Microsoft assistants. They’re now back and ready for embedding in a 404 page near you.

Aloud banner

Aloud – web design and build

A redesign to make Aloud less like an old school directory site and more focused on search. The design was made bolder and cleaner with most ticket links now accompanied by band photos. Results tables now feature infinite scroll, with simplified landing pages making it easier to find tickets to music, comedy and sporting events.

With the site based in Perl, senior developer Robert Price looked after the database and heavy programming work, whilst I worked on the UX and wireframing, Photoshop designs and front end execution. The site is also an early adopter of responsive layouts, although we had difficulty making some of the large tables truly mobile friendly in the allocated time.

aloud website

Aloud also has a bespoke cms which was revamped, with a much improved layout and user journey.

Gallery – Wireframes and early versions



Mother and Baby Awards – web design refresh

The Mother and Baby awards has been running for a staggering 20 years, issuing the “the seal of approval that proves your product is the best in a very competitive class”.

Mother and Baby Awards site

I was tasked with bringing a tired site back to life, without wholesale changes to existing codebase. Whilst the brief was quite restrictive, I still felt the failings of the old navigation and form layout had to be addressed, whilst the colour palette and typography could be made to better reflect the brand’s prestige and tie in with the Mother and Baby magazine.

Colour Palette

As is common with many magazine owned legacy sites, M&B Awards suffered from small unreadable type, height restrictions on content, content hierarchy issues and poor UI.

With the new colour palette and subtle layout changes, I was able to make sections of the site much more clearly defined. Headers and copy were allowed to breathe and titling made much more obvious. The site’s role was not only to promote the event and to provide dates and information, but to allow for tickets to be bought. As such form layouts were also were made more initiative, and readable.

Wonderpedia website banner

Wonderpedia – web design and build

Launching a website to promote a product launch before the product has been finalised, is far from ideal. The product designers are fully occupied by their own looming deadline and everything else takes a back seat.

That being said, designing a site solely based on a press shot, was an interesting experience, with the final magazine and website in fact closely matched in the end.

The Wonderpedia magazine website was constructed in Episerver (a .NET cms), developed in Visual Studio and designed in Photoshop.

Gallery – Photoshop work and live site



Bauer Awards banner

The Bauer Awards – Website build and development

Bauer Media runs annual awards for its radio, magazine and digital sectors to “celebrate and recognise our progress, our quest for product excellence and our many achievements” Paul Keenan.

Staff would use the site to nominate, view past event galleries and to find date and venue information. The site was designed to have quite a conventional intranet feel, with prominence given to announcements and key information, such as voting guidelines, venue and event dates.

The content hierarchy is clearly defined in a traditional flow with pinned featured content large at the top, chronologically flowing down the page. The secondary right hand side column is global, so easy to find across the site.

Bauer Media Awards 2012 website

The site would have wholesale changes throughout the year, depending on if it was pre voting, pre event or after the event has taken place. The site has been used for both the 2012 and 2013 awards.


Developed using PHOTOSHOP, WordPress, PHP, JQUERY & CSS.

Site: Not available externally