Take the worry out of keeping your website in tip top condition with our WordPress website maintenance service.  Our clients love the peace of mind afforded by our maintenance service, allowing them to focus on their core business.

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The main tasks and services covered by the Measured Designs maintenance service are;


Installation and configuration of a security plugin
  • Monitoring of attempts to force access to the site. Measures to suppress further login attempts.
Installation and configuration of a caching plugin
  • Helping the site to load quicker
Email notifications of plugin and core updates
  • Email notifications of all plugin, core and theme updates can be sent to the site admin without having to login into the WP admin system
Monitoring and optimising database and logs
  • Periodical removal of revision entries and other logs
WordPress updates
  • WordPress core updates are included, so you’ll get the latest features and security fixes upon release.
  • Standard plugin updates – Yoast SEO, WordFence, Contact Form 7 and Flamingo.


Magento website maintenance


Keeping Magento optimised, so large databases remain streamlined and the site fast.

Magento - Essex ecommerce design

Site house keeping
  • Configuration of error and warning logs
  • Check that logs are being correctly produced
  • Reindex & recache site / check for indexing issues
  • Check / remove pending tags
  • Regenerate sitemap
  • Check / remove notification messages
  • Check cron jobs are running correctly
Site Monitoring
  • Google search indexing issues
  • Google Webmaster reports
  • Malware reports
  • Inode limits (number of files on server)
  • Server uptime monitoring
Database optimisation
  • Periodical removal of db logs (these help to flag up site issues and customer activity but can slow the site if not kept in check). Empty info tables; customer, quote, summary, summary type, url, url info, visitor, visitor info, visitor online
  • Empty dataflow import/ export tables
  • Empty report tables; viewed_product_index, compared_product_index, event
Monitoring files
  • Check system and exception error log files
  • Empty log files
  • Remove lock files
  • Check for erroneous new files
  • Check file permissions
Kept Informed
  • The client is kept aware of critical secure threats
  • Prioritised for site work



Set up of Google Search Console (Webmaster)
  • Google Search Console notifies you of crawl errors, server down time and code improvements
Set up of a sitemap file
  • This helps search engines to crawl the site and get notified of content updates
Set up of a robots file
  • This helps search engines to find important files, such as the sitemap
.htaccess configuration
  • Block spam crawlers, assist with sanitising of urls
Website guidance
  • Advice by email/phone on site improvements, new functionality (within reason)
Daily site backups
  • *Database & file backups are extremely helpful if the site needs to be restored to an earlier date
  • Site files and modifications made to those files are stored in GitHub



  • Theme updates (if used)
  • Core updates (if Magento)
  • Magento plugin updates
  • Magento security patch installation
  • WordPress WooCommerce template updates
  • Premium plugin updates
  • Deployment of backups
  • Approval of comments
  • New functionality or development work
  • Anything not mentioned above

*Daily backups are only provided if the site is hosted by servers managed by Measured Designs

WordPress website Maintenance

We offer this service for just £48 per month +VAT.


Magento 1 or 2 website Maintenance

We offer this service for just £55 per month +VAT.

Having an expert keep an eye on your website, will help to keep it optimised, safe and error free.


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