Online site notifications have been launched on Online site notifications (alerts) serve to inform users when someone has answered their Q and A question or of a other site changes. They are available within each registered user’s personal homepage and prevent the need to clutter their email. Read more about this in’s release blog; Alert! There’s something you need to know….

Alerts are quick and easy ways for us to flag up things we think are important to you, without cluttering up your email inbox. If a question you asked is answered, if there’s a survey we’d like to share, if we publish an article on something you expressed an interest in… for all these things, we’ll send you an alert.

Quick and dirty is what it’s all about. Alerts aren’t fancy emails, they’re just short notes directing you around the site. You can delete them as you go, or you can allow nature (ok, our techies) to take the lead: once opened, alerts self-destruct after 30 days (unopened, they last 60 days). There’s no need to save, forward or reply to alerts, either.

For Q and A users… In the past, we sent you an email when your questions were answered. Now, we’ll send you an alert AND an email. Too much information? No problem – just log in, click settings and then head to your Q and A settings to turn one or both of these options off.

Online site notifications screenshot

Alerts on

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