Jones and Cane website

Jones & Cane site revamp

Phase 1 of the Jones and Cane website is now complete, having transferred the hosting and domain name from Jones and Cane, a Norwich based packaging company, had an inefficient website based on Yell’s content management system. It had become outdated, with updates using an existing cms proving difficult and extra pages expensive. This […]

Alert application

Online site notifications have been launched on Online site notifications (alerts) serve to inform users when someone has answered their Q and A question or of a other site changes. They are available within each registered user’s personal homepage and prevent the need to clutter their email. Read more about this in’s release […] contact form

New on the site, a tailored contact us form allowing site visitors to send queries to a range of departments, rather than the former catch all customer services email. Hopefully by not displaying staff email addresses, the threat of spam from scrapping scripts is significantly reduced. Read more in the blog post: Now better-looking and […] blog design blog design from Photoshop mocks to front end execution. The blogs include ‘All about me’ blog author sections, with slideshow, blog roll and following options. Read more in the site’s web blog ‘We’ve ‘pimped’ our blogs…‘. Blogs looking prettier… Rather nice (if I do say so myself) is the rather flash right-hand side with […]

Killer credit cards is a simple comparison site, providing the top ranking cards based on APR, balance transfers and other features. It had no editorial content or user guides, so and was promoted solely via PPC and Google adwords. Using a light blue background gradient and hot pink logo and strapline, gave the interface a friendly design. […]