Parkers icon banner

Parkers – Vector icon creation

My final involvement in the Parkers design project was to create a series of CTA vector icons, to navigate around the site. This was originally tasked to an external agency, but the work produced for us for the limited fee, wasn’t really in keeping with the rest of the site. Each icon was produced in […]

Staff avatars

Some of these are now looking a little dated, but it was great fun to create cartoon avatars of the editorial staff. These were created in Illustrator by applying block colours over their photographs and used in their articles and blogs. Some of the staff writers were very happy with their avatars, others less so. […]

TMF finance icons

Creating dynamic share, credit card and mortgage icons isn’t always easy – with most finance imagery limited and overused – think broken piggy banks and flaming houses. However I think we did the icon world justice, although some of the older designs have since been replaced. Creating fun icons from scratch using Illustrator was always […]