Emails, emails, emails

The Motley Fool prides itself on its regular email content, producing several newsletters and running many email campaigns over the course of a year. I created several email designs and templates in my time at The Motley Fool UK, and have included a couple below. Unfortunately email design is in the dark ages, with little […]

Shark life insurance

Making life insurance seem exciting is never an easy thing, but I’m quite happy with my shark creative. This was used in a rotating flash gallery on the homepage of, hence the black tab marks on the left hand side. From memory the shark was drawn first on paper, before being scanned and cleaned […]

Staff avatars

Some of these are now looking a little dated, but it was great fun to create cartoon avatars of the editorial staff. These were created in Illustrator by applying block colours over their photographs and used in their articles and blogs. Some of the staff writers were very happy with their avatars, others less so. […]

TMF finance icons

Creating dynamic share, credit card and mortgage icons isn’t always easy – with most finance imagery limited and overused – think broken piggy banks and flaming houses. However I think we did the icon world justice, although some of the older designs have since been replaced. Creating fun icons from scratch using Illustrator was always […]